Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day two and things have been good altho i am a lil down on my water but ill make sure i get it down before bed tonite (drank 2.4 litres yesterday) Foodwise i have eaten very well 30 minutes i finish work and i have 3 crackers with vegemite to have while i dash out to catch the bus into town and workout the aim is 45 minutes heres hoping i can last ! im planning to try 15 minutes on the recumbent bike...10 minutes on the upright bike (hurts my ass too much) 15 minutes on the recumbent and 5 minutes on the rower...will see how i go cos i have quite a feeling it will be very busy this time of nite but will see how it goes. But i feel good and am looking forward to it...which is a change as last time i really looked at it like a a second job that i had to get out of the way so im enjoying this new way of looking at things. Chicken stirfry for dinner when i get home tonite yum yum ! Have a good nite all :)

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