Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So the plan was that I go to bed early last nite and then get up early and go to the gym unfortunately that didnt go as planned ! Was doing washing last nite and the last load took longer then expected so was super tired this morning. But tomorrow i finish work at 5.30pm so will head into the gym straight after work. Tonite i finish work at 6pm so i am going to go in when i get home...its open till 8pm so that will allow me enough time. The next few days I will go after work (except saturday which i cant make due to work) my PT session has changed to 10.30am on monday due to work. So far foodwise been good good !!! 3 weetbix with milk + honey a handful of mixed berries for breakfast and then for my first snack i had a slim drink and a banana...for lunch i have bought in tuna, baby spinich leaves and tomato ! I feel very focussed and motivated right now...okies off to do some work - bye all !

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