Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Went to the gym today following a visit to my mums. I saw the dietician first and while its normally a 15 minute session i was in there for 45 minutes with her. We talked about a lot...she was very interested in where my mind was at...where id come from weight loss wise...after much discussion she put me on the 1700 calorie diet and we decided they will only weigh me once a month and will measure me every 2 weeks so completely changing the focus...she didnt tell me how much i weighed which was fine with me. We then just discussed a lot of stuff with my head....and what i thought went wrong last time...which was quite revealing it was truly a LOT of things wrong. She also wants me to keep a "fernwood diary" i said i keep a journal but she wants this seperate and just for me. And to just focus on my training sessions and food plan and to use that to record my food and also to at the end of each day just how i feel about it all.

I then went on the bike and did 18 minutes on the upright bike till my ass hurt too much and then did 12 minutes on the recumbant bike...the plan is to go before work tomorrow n i think i will aim to do 20 minutes on the upright bike and 20 minutes on the recumbant bike. I didnt feel it was too hard altho i am starting to feel it in my calves as i sit here but thats a good sign. Okies off i go....time to relax in front of the tv for a bit before bed

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