Friday, August 29, 2008

Uh oh...

Well I havent been great foodwise over the last 24 hours. I havent been disastrously bad but certainly could have eaten so much better (hot chips arent in the "eat well" category) Why a lame 2 weeks later did i go off the rails? Well i can prolly come up with a million excuses....but im not really looking for a excuse to be honest i just wanna know what led to it so as to avoid it in the future. Right at the moment i am so dog gone tired...the last 2 days i have been in training for a new product and work which has set my head into a complete brain spin..its 9.20pm and i feel thats part of it...the thought of coming home and cooking dinner was the last thing i wanted to do today...i need to talk to the dietician about some ideas that fit into the plan for some quick and easy meals. The other thing is im a lil bored ,,, lunch time came today and the thought of another friggin ham and salad roll was not doing anything to entice me. Also i need to come up with more dinners that i not a huge meat eater so having 120 grams of protein each nite....well so far its been....chicken....chicken and chicken. Right at this moment i am back on good thing is i drank 2.4 litres of water today and so that may help to flush the sodium out. Also i see my dietician on tuesday but cos of work and the training i havent been to see her for 2 weeks. Also my kitchen is disorganised...i have very lil bench space and so i need to organise that all this weekend. Well my eyes are struggling to stay awake simply wanted to state id been bad but moving for some sleep !

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