Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 31 2014

So I am on holidays as of 4pm today! YAY

Foodwise today hasnt been great cos I wasnt very organised and I forgot to get meat out of the freezer UGH. So might splurge and get some pasta tonight cos I really dont have anything in the cupboards...but serious stuff as of tomorrow morning.

This getting back on track is like a "comeback" I even considered starting a new journal and renaming all my stuff just to indicate this is fresh...the next and LAST part of my journey...maybe called the comeback kid haha ;) or maybe ill rename this one....jsut to cement it what I am doing.

The interesting thing as my nutritional coach explained...regardless of what other people are doing...I simply cannot eat as much as others and expect weight loss.

When I was eating 1685 weight plateaud....which is why the maximum I feel I can eat is 1500 calories...and prolly why I needed to eat 1200 calories when I got down to 80 kilos. The fact of the matter is i have PCOS...i have a fatty liver....and in eating for those to get weight loss...I need to do things slightly different to current recommendations. The science studies really seem to back up these days eating high protein and high fat...but that doesnt work for me. Which is why I feel 1500 calories is appropriate...and plus that is what worked previously...and thats the data i need to go on....not what works for others but works for me!

My trainer wrote me out programs....split body parts etc....I want to try and get into that but with a combination of classes. I certainly want to give the weight work a try...but find i like classes too...not having to think but just follow instructions kinda works for me LOL...and there is the motivation you get from it too. But I will prolly chat to my trainer about that tuesday night, the best way to plan all this. Tomorrow morning tho the aim is to walk to and from the the upper body program my trainer wrote for me then back in the evening for a RPM class. As I have said many times...while fat/weight loss is my number one focus...running has always been a goal as well and while right at the moment i could do sprints but not sure lugging my body around while running would be fun...its certainly a aim...and doing some cardio classes is not a bad option!

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