Sunday, August 31, 2014

Has a plan!

Must be a day for thinking! I was thinking about what previously worked when I lost weight:

  • Eat minimal processed foods
  • Calorie cycled
  • Organic eating where possible
  • Exercise (daily! And not just a 30 minute workout...considering how much weight I have lost and my medical conditions I seem to need intense daily exercise at least 1 hour a day)
  • Drink  3 litres of water a day
  • Daily weigh ins
  • Watch my sodium (2000mg a day or less)

These seem to be the important components of losing weight for me. I was thinking how I have become more of a hermit...a day at home with the laptop on my lap...watching tv...has become common place for me, So I think its time to moderate no laptop/chat etc until 6pm...and also no diet coke till after 6pm as well. I really want to get back to being that person out in the sunshine enjoying life...not the person stuck living via a computer.

So I decided this week just to get me on the right path....1500 calories a day...then the following monday I will start the calorie cycle plan. Exercise this week will also be:

monday AM : Leg workout 
monday PM : RPM

tuesday : PT (full body workout)
wednesday AM : body balance
wednesday PM : cardio workout
thursday AM : upper body workout
thursday PM : RPM

friday AM : Leg workout

saturday AM : Upper body workout

sunday AM : 6km walk

Its key I get back into a routine. I know a lot of people would say start out slowly...but i was working out 4 days a week up till 3-4 weeks i dont want a pile of excuses...just get on with things. 

So the above will be this weeks plan...the next week when I am in Sydney/Gold Coasst the days while I am away the big focus will be just to get in 10,000 steps a day...which should be easy in Sydney and not to bad in the gold coast either...time to get busy and do this!

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