Tuesday, September 02, 2014

I realised something today....Ive stopped living and am really just existing again. Going back a few years ago I did a couple of trips to Sydney...one of them I climbed the Harbor Bridge...the other I did Adventure Caving. Right now I feel too sluggish to do anything so vigorous, yet i am at a similar as I was then when I climbed the bridge. Not only is my food lacking (or overly abundant)....my exercise out of a routine....ive come to exist again. No longer thinking...I want to meet someone and doing all I can to be the person someone would like to meet....no longer getting out there in the fresh air...no longer being the best person I can be....it seems crazy that I am so far from who I was when I was 79 kilos and happy.

But the truth is...I have done this before...I am not going to wake up tomorrow and suddenly be the person I was 3 years ago. But I can take steps each day to being what I was.

Ive said it often that finding the MFP forums was bad for me. There is a lot of boasting on there..."I eat ice cream every day and can still lose 1 pound a week" etc...for me I cannot do that...I knew what to do and what I could and couldnt do before I found MFP...but for a long time I think I have tried to figure out a way to eat treat food and still lose weight like others claim they can do. Its kinda like on MFP if you can eat high calories and lose weight your a national hero.

Now that I am getting iron injections in a few weeks time it should have me with energy levels much better in a couple of weeks time.

So the aim in Sydney is not to be a sloth lol...to get out there and do stuff (thinking the zoo one day)....a friend and I are going to climb mt lofty towards the end of the month. So this is a 3 prong approach...get the food right...exercise and get out there and live more!

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