Monday, September 26, 2011

Big day today. Up at 5.30am and at work by 7am *yawn* I then went to the gym, jogged up the 21 flights of stairs...I swear to gawd I thought I was going to have a freaking heart attack! lol I then did a 30 minute boxing these are hard....every class nearly the trainer has us overload our at a time....and then after we have done a million types of punches with one arm....then makes us do pushups lawdie lawdie....people need to realise i am a weakling!! lol I then had a 15 minute rest and then did a 45 minute body combat class. I didnt even realise how much I missed that class...hadnt done it for about 8 weeks but was really good to get back to it. I then did a 30 minute PT session of core work (my poor abs!) I was a very tired gal by then end of it all lol not surprisingly.

The manager of the gym came up and was talking to me tonight....and told me there is a boot camp starting the 2nd week in i think i may bite the bullet and give that a try. She also talked to me about group personal training and about trialling a new trainer when she hires some new people....but for me I will do the boot camp....which finishes the week before Christmas. Lets hope I can hack bootcamp lol I am always suspicious of my its a bit girlie and a bit pathetic when it comes to the dont like getting messy or hurting myself bootcamp would be interesting!

Ive been having a problem with my ear of late. Ever since last October when I had that bad ear infection I have intermittently had vertigo at night when I roll over in bed. Anyway friday my left ear blocked up and was blocked up for 4-5 hours....same thing happened today and lasted for about the same amount of time. So thursday morning I am off to the docs to get it checked out....working in a call centre it really sucks when your ear blocks!

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