Sunday, September 25, 2011

Green Drink :)

The scales did a decent drop today...thank gawd!!! Down 600 grams so i am more then happy with that. Altho that said I am still 200 grams up from what I was on tuesday....and 1.5 kilos up on what I was at the previous weigh in. But I feel good, content with the fact its starting to move in the right direction again.

I have been wanting since the beginning of the year start to have a "green drink" for breakfast....its basically a drink made up in the blender with fruit and greens (like spinach). I had my first one small banana, a cup of blueberries and 4 big leaves of spinach. Tomorrow I am going to use 2 bananas and increase the spinach a lil more. It really does taste nice and VERY filling. For being someone who struggles to get the "greens" in this is a perfect way for me. And its portable so I can drink it on my way to work or at work. So I feel very clean today! lol Jackie Warner even recommends adding chocolate protein powder to them with peanut ;)

So far today I have been a busy beaver being a domestic goddess. Kitchen floors washed, vaccuuming done, second load of laundry done. Some more washing to do and I need to dust in the lounge room and then I think we can declare the house clean lol and that I get a rest :)

Wasnt thinking about goals last nite....but did come to some conclusions about them. I cant believe we are nearly into October....before we know it it will be the new year. It would be really nice to be a 70's girl by the new year. Hopefully next year I can try and do a fun run and ACTUALLY run in it. I am looking to buy a new heart rate monitor....the one I think I will get does time laps as well as calorie burns etc and you can also buy a gps unit thing you wear on your arm so it uses google earth to measure the distance you run. I wont need to GPS unit just yet but once i start to really do some running stuff it would come in handy. One of my current goals is to be able to do pushups on my toes....proper pushups going low with perfect form. I am a long way off being able to do them like that but I am slowly getting there. Once i finally master them lol I want to be able to master some other things like more intense pushups like one legged...with my feet on a step etc....and then move on to burpees.....and build some strength....i would eventually like to be able to go back and do crossfit at the gym, in a manner where I feel challenged but not out of my depth. This is prolly a 2 year goal....I cannot see me being ready in the next 12 months but it is something to work towards. But I always knew once I got to my goal weight I would need some kind of new goal to keep me attending the I am glad I have got that thought in my brain now.

Tomorrow night I have PT, boxing and presuming I am not too tired Body Combat. I havent done combat for at least 2 months and the monday night Combat class is one of my fave hopefully I am right to stay for that class interesting to see how bad I am at the class after not doing it for so long (fingers crossed I dont fall over in it ugh! lol)

Anyway the machine has stopped ... time to go hang out the washing and get some lunch organised.

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Shaik said...

It is sooooo sweet, great post with wonderful stuff! So excited for you!

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