Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things are better!

I feel better about things today. I weighed this morning 85.9 kilos so thats a starting point. I have decided to keep my food coach sessions at weekly sessions at this stage but i am going to change food coachs. There is a new food coach at the gym (i havent met her yet) but she is into superfoods which is the way my eating has been i changed my appointment so it was with will see her 6.15pm on tuesday nite...which is actually a better night for me. I think I will ask her do the measurements the first week of each month and maybe she can even make some suggestions as I now get closer to goal in relation to my nutrition. I did also think maybe these gains have kinda been my fault....i remember last week i had a few peanut butter sandwiches i shouldnt have and a few dips into the peanut butter jar when i shouldnt have....which I hadnt thought pizza and a crunchie bar yesterday didnt help! So im not gonna cut the calories back yet....will give it a week or two at the same level....if things then dont move ill start to cut back a lil.

Body balance was cancelled today and they had pilates on instead. I didnt do it cos i actually find pilates the most boring class in existance lol. So i did my PT session which was more resistance work towards working on pushups...i was really quite pathetic in the session lol so much i couldnt do...but the good thing is most of the stuff is stuff i could do on my i might try and do the exercises a few times per week. I then did the stairs TWICE yes im suppose to be doing it 3 times....but i couldnt lol i was dead....i have been slack about the stairs this I did it twice today....ill do it three times on even doing it just twice is a killer.

Tomorrow I am planning to clean the house and I think I will make some of my cranberry and oat muffins....a nice healthy treat. I also went to the fruit and veg store today and stocked up. Bought some spinach as well and tomorrow i am going to try my first "green drink" for breakfast. Hopefully with luck I will like it and it will fill me up!

Just bloomin checked the laundry...i put my black flashdance pants in the machine with a tissue....arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bits of white tissue everywhere :(

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