Friday, September 23, 2011

Just a few changes.....

Well the scales were up this morning again by 200 grams and looking at the scales tonite I expect them to be around the same or slightly higher tomorrow morning .... sigh. That said today food wasnt perfect. They provided pizza for lunch today and I had some and then when I saw the scales tonight....I must admit I thought stuff it....if Im gonna gain might as well enjoy it so had a yiros and a crunchie bar for dinner. I was probably over my calories by 600 calories. But after a chat with Fiona tonight Ive decided to change my exercise a lil and decided also I am going to cut my calories back.

Something I havent mentioned....(altho did few days ago on facebook) is fiona is leaving the gym in a few weeks time so my journey is going to change a lil in the way I approach it. I have known about her leaving for several weeks....but I am the type of person who needs to process things and needed to work things out in my head before putting them down for the world to see ;) In the beginning of my journey I definitely needed a very personal approach....i really needed that constant contact with fiona to keep me on track and keep my head in the right place....the timing of this closer to actually okay....12 months ago I dont know how I would have handled this change ..... but yanno we all have to be responsible for our own journey and I guess that is what I will be doing taking more responsibility for my journey. Of course fiona has become a friend over the last 3 years, we already speak quite regularly over facebook and I cant see that changing and I am sure we will still catch up occassionally socially. Anyway it will enable me the opportunity of maybe doing the gyms next bootcamp...maybe in time (when my foot/knees are up to it) doing one of the gyms running group....and possibly even doing michelle bridges 12WBT program (I wouldnt do her eating plan just the workout plan).

So with that said....initially before I found out about fiona leaving i was going to talk to my food coach about cutting back to just one session every 2 weeks....then when i found out about fiona leaving i thought i need that weekly appointment to ensure i go to the gym at least one day a week (lol) but after much thought I have decided I am going to talk to her about just having a appointment once a month. I just dont feel I need the accountability and to be honest the scales are moving so slowly it does my head in! So I want to suggest to her that I weigh in just the first week of each month andd have measurements done then too (she has only measured me 2 times since i have had her as a food coach) I just dont feel I get enough out of the sessions. (Mostly because I am educated on nutrition I dont really get info or anything of my food coach it is essentially just a weigh on and she really just lets me do my own thing.

I am going to weigh in tomorrow a "official" number and then of course i will still weigh in regularly but my next "official" weigh in will be October 29. I am not going to set a goal for a number on the scales to be by then. Its 3 weeks today till the westpac stair climb....fiona now wants me running up the stair case at the gym (7 flights) 3 times in a row everytime I go to the gym. My goal for the month is simply going to be to try and do the stair climb in under 20 for the next 3 weeks thats going to be my big focus. The other goal I am going to aim for is I bought a summer dress a week or two ago....its a size "small" I can get it on but around my stomach/hips/thighs it is skin my goal is going to be on xmas day (hopefully I will be at streaky bay on the day) to wear that dress and it fit me nicely....regardless what weight. Cos while the scales have been going up this last week or so (was 85.2 kilos this morning) my Lorna Jane Flashdance pants are getting looser around the hips and stomach (loose enough that I think I could actually work out in them)

Calorie wise I am going to drop the calories down to 1400 calories.....which is a drop of 85 calories per day so only a small drop but hopefully enough of a drop...I really dont want to go as low as 1200 calories....and suspect 1350 is prolly the absolute lowest I could go down too.

So I did talk to fiona about increasing my days at the gym....and as I am doing 4 days a week I will start to do 5 days a week....and down the track a lil bit maybe increase to 6 days a week. So with that I think each week I will set a exercise plan for the week. So this coming week it is:

m -3 x 7 flights of stairs + 1.5km run + body combat + PT
t - 3 x 7 flights of stairs + swiss ball class + body step
w - 3 x 7 flights of stairs + 1.5km run +30 mins boxing + cycle class
t - 3 x 7 flights of stairs + body pump + PT + body balance
f - 3 x 7 flights of stairs + 1.5km run + body pump

Heres to a better week!

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