Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hating the scales

Im really starting to get majorly annoyed with the scales. And i know people say dont pay attention etc to them but im afraid when i know i have to weigh in on a weekly basis if im not losing...and i am exercising and eating well it annoys the crap out of me. Saturday morning i was 83.8 kilos....this morning i was 85 kilos and looking at the scales now i suspect i will actually have another gain in the morning. I have been losing then gaining then losing then gaining all week....i know logically in my brain i know to gain two kilos i would have had to eat a additional 14,000 calories....i know i am eating under my exercising....and yet the scales are up. Yep my cycle was this week....but i should have started to go down by now and it really makes me doubt whether i can get any lower. My only other option is to either cut my calories back more (sigh) or exercise exercising 4 days a week but maybe its time to increase the workouts to 6 times a week. It seriously sucks that you can do everything right and then be gaining....the last 5 weeks has been gain, lose, gain, lose, a lil over it ALL to be honest. That combined with other people thinking im too skinny now, or jealous of my weight loss or projecting their own issues on to me....just over it....ive started to feel like...i need to hide my loss....i dont even want people discussing it anymore cos i am getting concerned over whose the next person to get offended by my loss....anyway thats my gripe of the day.

Tomorrow is planning to do pump tomorrow nite...pump bores me lately but i think i just need to make the effort...and do it and work on increasing those weights regardless whether it bores me or not. Ill do the running sprints again too, and of course saturday I have PT and body balance.

Nothing else of excitement going on...enjoy your nite all!


Martine (email: said...

I don't have the answer at all. Would it be a plateau ? Don't worry what everyone else says. I understand your pain, lets face it you work hard at the food and exercise. Should you mix up your foods. They say that the closer you are to goal the harder it is, I have heard before the last 6 kgs is the hardest- but golly gee this isn't fun for you. Mx

Just Jade said...

Hang in there Karen. You know the stupid saying....It's not all about the scales...blah blah. I have been going up and down with you and its annoying me too. This will pass though and we will see the kg's falling off once again. Maybe you should go back to your original idea of not looking at the scales for a few weeks? Maybe try getting into Zumba or some different kinda exercise, Might I even suggest the bike riding :P

As for the people telling you that you are looking too skinny...Who asked for their opinion?...And why are you letting them bug you? Your weight is your issue, you dont need to answer to anyone. You still have a few kg to get to the weight YOU wanted to get to, Dont let negative nancys bring you down. Tell em to rack off!

You are doing brilliantly..overall. Don't forget where you have come from, and the much smaller journey thats still ahead of you. You know the next few kg could be harder to shift, maybe an extra day or two at the gym could be all that needs to be tweaked a little. Maybe your body is just too used to what you do to it and the exercise needs to be really shaken up?

...Whatever, You know, You are awesome!! AND are on the right track, Chin up and keep putting one foot infront of the other.

Run, walk, crawl...but NEVER give up!