Thursday, September 22, 2011

Oh no....

My internet connection at home is dead :( apparantly a tech will come out tomorrow and it should be working again by 7pm tomorrow fingers crossed!

Last night I did a 30 minute boxing class. Normally I can be at times a bit of a slacker in classes and when it comes to pushups in the boxing class i do them on my knees...but i did them all on my toes last nite...not going low at all....but still did it (about 25-35 all up i think) i then went on the treadmill and did some sprints....I managed one 100 metre sprint at level 10 and one 150 metre sprint at level 10. Woooo hoooo!! Thats huge for me. I then went and did a 45 minute freestyle cycle class....which was a killer. Tonight I wont gym it but will do pump tomorrow night, altho as I have a PT session of weights on saturday I will go light in pump.

Ive noticed the "wrinkling" of my upper inner thighs has now started to spread and is edging towards my knees :( sad sad!! I really hope the skin on my legs doesnt get too much worse. At the gym last night I did tell the Group Fitness Manager that I think they need a different resistance class besides never know the gym may bring in what i want lol!!

Not much else going still up 1.4 kilos from my lightest :( bloomin scales!!!

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