Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my brain may explode....

The scales had dropped by 400 grams this morning. So starting to lose the fluid gain...but still up 1.1 kilos to what I was a week ago.

Day 2 back at work and OMG my brain may explode!! lol!!! There is lots of new processes and I am try to take it all in but omg fulllllllllllllll on! I slept like a baby last nite...in bed at 9.30pm. Sleeping is much better then it was on any night of my holidays!! The long days and mental aspect of working is draining lol but i do love how i have got that real tired feeling back where i just wanna curl up in bed at a decent hour and not staying up until all hours. :)

I forgot to mention yesterday that Fiona was telling me about a new staff member at the gym who is all into superfoods (superfoods is a huge topic of conversation between me and fiona lol) i LOVE learning all about it...anyway this girl also teach organic cooking classes and is doing a presentation at the gym in a few weeks...so will be making a special effort to attend that :)

Tomorrow night I am gymming it...hopefully I make it in time for the 4.30pm boxing class...then will run on the treadmill for my 1.5km have a 10 minute rest and then do a 45 minute cycling class. That should easily burn 500 calories. (prolly much more!). Takes a bit to adjust to 13 hour days (work + travel to the gym and then working out) but I really do like the "busy" feeling!

Ive decided I am going to Sydney next April. I put in for the leave today asked for 25th april thru to 2nd may. I will be there for 4 nights. So soon as work approves the leave (am pretty sure it will all be approved) I will book the flights. I would prolly fly in on a thursday morning and fly out on the monday, There is a fitness expo which I would be going too...I would also try to get out to Dads grave to visit it, with luck I might even be able to track down my sister Tanyas grave too (thats a bit trickier as its a topic mum wont discuss....but I am pretty sure she is at the same cementry as Dad)...and there is also a "skywalk" at the top of the sydney tower so might do that. Plus maybe try and catch up with some Sydney Siders.

I am starting to suspect it might be christmas day at home alone for me again this year! Im not too fussed, My mum and her hubby are going to my sisters....and i dont know how well I would handle being under the same roof as them so if i do go it would only be for a couple of days. But my understanding is work isnt approving a lot of leave at xmas time this year....so am waiting at the moment, the bonus is if i dont go i probably wouldnt put weight on over xmas! lol (gotta look at the bright side right? lol)

Not much else going on....do need a early night....enjoy all!!!

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