Monday, September 19, 2011

back to work..

Im back at work and tiredddddddddddddd! lol anyway.....yesterday i went out with Jaimee. We went out to the pub for lunch...I had a hamburger...ordered it without fries :) Then we went out for drinks at the wheaty. Was a real nice afternoon!!

This morning of course was weigh in day....gained 1.5 kilos :( no not really depressed or worked up over cycle started yesterday...and i seem to be falling into a patter of gaining a couple of kilos with my cycle so a 1.5 kilo gain wasnt unexpected. Lets just hope it drops down by next week.

So then of course I went to work. I am not actually on the phones this week...theres been lots of changes....and I have to refresh was nice seeing people...and i did go out for a small walk in all 3 of my breaks. One habit i got out of whilst at home was having a snack in the morning....I am hungrier in the afternoon but when at work when I have my morning break i normally instantly go "food time" so now ive got out of that habit im determined to not get back into went out for a walk and grabbed a drink and that was all.

Ive been asked by a few people know what is "wicking" its a type of material that draws sweat away from your body and dries quickly so you arent running around with sweat patches in unattractive places, now I am smaller I seem to sweat more plus the excess skin on my upper thighs....was leaving some really unnattractive stains. I managed to get the wicking sportswear at target and it really was decent price....full length leggings were only $35 and now i know they work ill go buy at least one more pair.

Tonight i went to the gym, during the day at work i felt soooooooooooooooooooooooo tired....amazing how more awake and better i felt at the gym. We did a hour of PT....lots of core stuff....which i seriously sucked at lol...walked up 7 flights of stairs then we turned around and ran up them lol....huffing and puffing like a old dog i was lol....i did some 100 metre sprints on the treadmill (and one 150 metre sprint) i did them at a speed of 9 and one at 9.5....and have been told to work on them during the even tho i dont have PT till saturday ive got a focus. So wednesday between boxing and cycle class i will squeeze in 1.5km of sprints aiming for 9 and 9.5 :)

Tomorrow night i am not gymming going to try and make monday, wednesday and friday my gym days. Anyway i severely need a shower and to relax before bed (this getting up at 6am is hard work!!)

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Hippygal said...

Man good for you going to the gym on day 1 back at work... thats what I call dedication :-)