Saturday, September 17, 2011

Gymmed it today (how unusual eh?)...had a PT session of weights....i did 100 kilos one legged on the leg press....boy it was hard! It was the last week of the program....goodness knows what will be lined up for me next! I then ran up the 7 flights of stairs...20 minutes of hill intervals on the treadmill and then 25 minutes of slow walking followed by body balance.

I made kinda a big decision today....everyone knows i have PCOS...and theres a whole range of symptoms with can be some facial couple of weeks time I am going to go and have laser treatment for it. It will ultimately make a big difference to my life (mostly i keep this symptom hidden as i wax but it will be so nice not to have that pain) anyway....essential beauty told me today as i have fair skin i am a ideal candidate for it, so think i will bite the bullet and start to get it done.

I am planning over the next few weeks to alter my gym days slightly (think i may have mentioned this previously) so going back to work this week I am going to have to start to get a lil bit more responsible for my working out. No excuses. I need to set a schedule each week (cos obviously with work each week may be slightly different and stick to it) So this weeks schedule is this:

m - 1.5km run + combat + 1hr PT
t - RPM class
w - own cardio + cycle class
t -
f - pump + 1.5km run
s - PT + 45 mins own cardio + balance

I need to get my ass kicked if i dont turn up to any sessions lol.

I worked out with my new "wicking" knickers and gym pants....and they worked really well, not perfect but a massive improvement, so am super glad i got them now. Ill go get some more now....the workout pants i wore today were full length but during summer i will need some 3/4 length ones, other wise I will die in the 40 degree heat lol. The gym is already warm so goodness knows what it will be like come the middle of summer.

Tomorrow I am off for lunch with Jaimee then we are going to the pub for Ryans farewell drinks :( poor me.....he is leaving me lol. I am only on 1200 calories to tomorrow so gonna have to be careful....think it will be just a entree for lunch for me tomorrow lol...specially after some of the eating I have done this week!! lol

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Hippygal said...

What the hell are "wicking knickers"???