Friday, September 16, 2011

oooops.....chocolate cake!!!

Have had such a lovely day! I went op shopping this morning, i found some real goodies....3 is a Jacqui E size 12 and it fits....its just a pretty plain dress which will be suitable for work...also a tshirt material casual dress...they both fit....i also bought another sun dress but its a "small" and too tight at this stage. I also bought some size 14 dress pants....they fit but will look better when looser....i also bought about 3 dressy tops and a couple of tshirts. So a good haul all round.

I then went into town and to target....i bought a pair of long gym pants that are suppose to have "wicking" and i also bought some "sports" knickers which have "wicking" too...i then also bought some bonds knickers....wooooo hoooo all the size 22 knickers can be thrown out lol (yes i have still been wearing size 22 knickers!!!) so teeny tiny size 16 knickers. Ive always wanted to wear bonds knickers and singlets so thats huge! I saw a gorgeous maxi dress at target today too...real pretty....might go back and get it :)

Then i went and met Fiona and Sarah for lunch. We went to Bliss Organic Cafe....which is a vegan cafe....we spent several hours chatting and eating in the sunshine!! Was such a great afternoon and relaxing....cant think of a better way to spend a afternoon! I had a avocado, tomato and pesto bruschetta with a iced chocolate and then a slice of chocolate cake! I think all up i prolly ate 1000 calories....but definitely worth it...i built it in to todays calories so all good!! It really makes me greatful for the gym....not only has it given my life back....and my health....but its also meant I have met some great people :)

Tomorrow I have gym...PT (gotta burn of the cake from today!!!)....some stair running and treadmill running....and then body balance. Popped up a couple of photos of a couple of the dresses i bought today :)

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Zeph said...

Hiya Kazz :) Long time reader, first time commenter. Love the dresses. They both look faaabulous! :)

Btw, sorry about the deleted comment. Pressed the wrong button on my phone :)