Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another good day :)

Today i gymmed it. Did 35 minutes on the treadmill just walking, then did a PT session .... ran 1.5km....the first half i ran at a speed of 7 and the second half at a speed of 7.5. Last week i kinda threw in the towel where it comes to exercise. So it was good to get another run under my belt even if it did feel like it was killing me. lol. Did the 1.5kms in 12 mins 35 secs which is definitely the fastest I have done that in. I then walked home from the gym. It was freaking warm at the gym today....really not looking forward to summer at the gym lol.

I bought a couple of clothing items from the ww buy and sell facebook group....a white peasant style top....and a white summer dress....both size looking forward to getting them :). I need to go looking for some new workout pants tomorrow. With the excess skin on my inner leads me to sweat HEAPS in that area....and looks really awful!! Rebel sports is having a sale so i will go look there...if not its a trip to Lorna Jane for some suitable pants from there. Im gonna go looks at jeanswest tomorrow too at their dresses...they have a 30% off sale and i saw a real pretty one earlier in the week so might go try it on. I am also op shopping in the morning!! YAY!! I find so many goodies at them...hopefully they will have lots of spring/summer stuff in. Then I am off out for lunch at a organic cafe with fiona and sarah :) Ive saved 200 calories from todays eating so i can have 1600 calories tomorrow.

Amazing to think I am back to work at monday! Monday night i will have a hour PT session (uh oh,,,quite a while since i have done one of them!) plus body combat which I havent done for about 7 I have weigh monday will be a busy day and evening!

I accidently slept with 2 pillows last night and my neck was stiff and had a headache this am now convinced two pillows is not what my body needs! Its habit tho so i need to get into the habit of making sure I only have one pillow!

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Diminishing Lucy said...

Thank you so much for commenting in my blog yesterday. You are a total inspiration. Off to read a whole lot more!