Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I don't think you should lose anymore weight....

Today i ended up walking around to mums, which is just over a 3km walk. Was a really nice day out for a walk....unfortunately in the process i knocked the ipod out of my hand and smashed the screen,,,,,eek! It still works....i actually find the ipod too big and bulky so i may look for a smaller one that i can clip on to my tshirt. Anyway so i go around to mums....walk in....grab a drink....sitting on the lounge....she is talking to me about something...stops halfway thru and says "your top half is very skinny now - I dont think you should lose anymore weight there" I was a lil gobsmacked in all honesty! She never normally mentions my weight loss....I then told her....i have plenty of fat on my back so may still lose weight from my top half....but i cant control where the weight drops from. Then a lil bit later she tells me the last time i saw her (which was in June) her husband told her i need to stop losing weight as my face is too skinny LOL I told her I do plan to lose another 15 kilos...I am far from done. And realistically if she looks at photos of me as a child I never had a round or big face then so I think its natural that my face is relatively slim these days.

One of the problems with going around to mums is the food in her house! I decided to make a sandwich since I hadnt had lunch (probably should have gone after I had lunch) she is like have whatever you want thats in the fridge....processed cheese (omg i use to LIVE on this stuff) and she had fritz (or devon as it is also known)....straight away i am thinking how as a child I LOVED fritz, cheese and sauce sandwiches lol...mum only had white bread too...and it was this smallish vienna 1.5 sandwiches later im finally done! lol My love of a huge childhood food...i know its the worst thing in the world for you...fully processed and made with crap....when i was about 5, my sister was in hospital for about 6 months with menangitis with my mum staying in the hospital with her. So my dad went and bought me a dog (beautiful collie dog) of course Dad asks what I want to name the dog.....and of course my answer was "Fritz" lol Oh and then mum offers me a choc wedge! I never eat ice cream...but did today...its done...wont kill me....of course all the processed food i ate today is not how i normally eat but whats done is done. (altho it was only 168 calories hardly the end of the world)

Mums hubby wasnt around for most of today so was nice...he drives me a lil nutty so was nice to see her by herself. At one point she started a political rant at me and i just looked at her and said "you know who you sound like???" she knew i meant her hubby and shut up LOL. Later on we were talking and I was saying how my perspective on things has when I was bigger I was so negative on things and I think I have a much more positive outlook on life these days. And she then turned around and said *insert hubbys name* is very negative....she was like even when we watch a football game that doesnt involve our team he is negative LOL

I wore my lorna jane flashdance pants rolled up 3/4's today and a cute lil black tank top...must say i looked awfully cute! hehe :)

AND whilst at mums....she pulled out a blender and food processer in one! Never used and wanted to know if i wanted it! OMG YES!!!! So tonight i am going to look up recipes for "green smoothies" (which is basically greens like spinach etc, banana, blueberries etc blended up to make a green drink) suppose to be quite tasty (you cant taste the spinach cos of the berries and bananas) and of course you get a huge dose of vegetables! So will trial that friday morning :)

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