Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amazing how 20 months can make a difference!

Today is my high calorie day...so i am splashing out with turkey sausages tonite! I was outside earlier...11am in the morning and i could smell a freaking bbq lol which the smell was to die for!!!! I then remembered I had a couple of turkey sausages in the freezer....I would only ever have them on a high calorie day as 200 grams of them (which is only sausages) is just over 500 calories...lawdie!!! So the sausages and some barley salad will work tonite.

I havent exercised today. As i now need to see my food coach on mondays and not tuesdays when I return to work I am going to change the days I gym it a little. I will change to monday, wednesday, thursday and saturday (the weeks I have the weekends off) Of course when I am working weekends the days I exercise may change a lil. Monday and Wednesday nights will be definites tho....Ive not really ever done wednesday nites previously....but they have a free style cycle class these days, and the days I can get in the early enough Ill do boxing as well. Plus monday and wednesday being two days apart will be ideal for the running as well. I am planning to buy a couple of Jillians latest dvds...she has a yoga one and a butt and thigh one...which i am planning to just throw into the mix on some of the days I dont do any planned exercise. :)

I was 83.3 on the scales this morning....only 400 grams off my lightest ever wait as a adult. Its that voodoo weight....why did I get to 83 kilos 20 years ago but not make it all the way to goal. Of course I am totally going to make it there this time....and that question of "why did i give up when so close to goal" will be a thing of the past.

Ive really been feeling good lately....for a long time I didnt want to say i was "successful" at this weight loss gig. And i dont want to just yet cos I havent completed the job yet....hopefully once I am at whatever my goal weight ends up being and i am maintaining i will hopefully then be able too. But considering i am that person who normally doesnt see anything thru, the fact that i have stuck this out out for over 5 years....i am definitely the person who is never happy enough with how well i do at something....i definitely compare myself to others.....especially for this journey which has meant so much to me...its not been a flippant thing that i have wanted to do good for a few weeks...ive been focused on this since the day i rejoined the gym 3 years ago. I was focused the 2 years before that as well of course...but it was very up and down....especially considering that i didnt do anything much for close to 18 months of that time. Its quite funny to think also how much of this weight i have lost since january 2010. That was a stage when suddenly especially with nutrition that things clicked for me....january 1 2010 i weighed 135.8 kilos...now 20 months later...im down to 83.3...which works out to having lost 52.5 kilos in that time. Amazing how once you get the right support....the right fitness activities...the right nutrition and suddenly things click into place. And its not even just the weight loss....its my whole view on things....my abilities....January 2010 i was only doing pump and balance classes....now one of my fave classes is combat....I use to have such issues within myself about getting up when sitting down on the ground....I still dont get up from the ground too gracefully lol but I am better and not so paranoid about it. I now run...lift higher weights...if there is a class i want to do....then i do it....we never did PT sessions which involved the cardio equipment back then...cos i thought i would quite literally die....now i do one session every week. The other week I got on the leg press....and fiona was like....where is the rest of you....remember when we never did this cos you were paranoid about getting into position on it....now we seem to do it in one shape or another quite regularly lol and now in quite honesty i never even think about it. I just get in it....look at whatever revolting weight fiona has set it too...groan....but then get on with it (ok i might grizzle while doing it but thats just lazy-gal karyn then lol) So yep things are definitely improved :)

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