Monday, September 12, 2011

Weigh in Day :)

I weighed in and lost 2 kilos....I am now down to 83.6 kilos....woooot! Seems like such a teeny tiny number....6.6 kilos away from the top of the healthy weight range. I still tho feel like I have so much more to still a lot more work to be done in my eyes (and even when at goal it will be toning, toning, toning)

Gym today....OMG it was so freaking hard :( ran up the 7 flights of stairs....I eagerly await the day when I do that and my legs dont feel so heavy lol. Then we did some crazy abs crazy i cant even explain it all lol...i will say i could barely do any of the exercises LOL

Crazy to think this is my last week of my holidays. I will have already completed my first day back by this time next week and be at the gym (I havent been at the gym in the evenings for about 7 weeks lol) While i initially worried about my eating while at home...I actually found it quite easy. I havent been having anything to eat for morning tea...and when i go back its back to morning and afternoon break with a lunch break....each break i have a habit of thinking oh must be food time...I am going to try and keep with my current pattern. My first week back every day my lunch break is at 11.15am....and my last break is at 1.30pm-ish so i need to decided whether to have lunch in my official "lunchbreaks" or maybe not eat lunch at 11.15am and then have it in my afternoon break.

Today for lunch I had salad with barley, walnuts, almonds, dried apricot and raisins....mmmmmmmmmmm so yummy and filling! I made quite a lot so plenty for the next few days....might actually be a good lunch for work too.


Pinky said...

Well done on the loss - enjoy your last days of the holiday

Gill said...

Well done on your loss Kazz!