Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New food coach :)

I forgot to mention this yesterday. Thats Life! Magazine contacted me yesterday to organise a photo session for the story in their magazine! Its happening on thursday morning! OMG!!! A hair and make up person is coming around at 9am and the photographer at 9.30am....they are going to do a indoor and outdoor shot apparantly....so very exciting....hopefully tomorrow I will remember to ask them which edition I am going to be in lol Just gotta work out what to wear now :)

Work was good today. Im liking being back into my routine and the swing of things....but I have been on 7am starts this week....one more 7am start then I have thursday off....yay dont have to wake before 8am.

I went to the gym tonight....did a fitball class......I discoverred when i am laying on the fitball my head and arms hanging over....the skin on my arms looks atrocious!!! Of course gravity is taking a hold but obviously also is loose skin! blah!

On to good news tho....had my first session with my new food coach today and omgggggggggggggggggggg SO FREAKING GLAD i will be seeing her from now on! One of the first things she asked was .... "was i always big" ..... which of course led me to saying no..that i put on weight as i hit puberty and I have PCOS....which led to me telling her also about my low iron stores....well she is not only a nutritionist she is also a naturopath.....I could just tell she is very educated on PCOS and she told me she has done a lot of work on hormones.....so already after one session and without even seeing my food diary she has made suggestions. So each morning she wants me to squeeze the juice of one grapefruit into warm water....this will apparantly help increase my metabolic rate. My green drink which I have been having (and was soooooooo yummy today....strawberries, bananas and baby spinach) she wants me to add a tablespoon of chia too, to help increase my protein (which she said will not only help my iron stores but help the PCOS too!). She also wants me to start eating brocolini 3 times a week. She has recommended i try it by cooking it and asparagus in a pan with olive oil and sea salt and pepper....hopefully i will like that. Cauliflower is from the same family but the brocolini has more impact. And apparantly really helps with balancing out the hormones. I also told her, whilst one of my snacks i have a banana and natural peanut butter....my other snack per day is usually a wagon wheel (lol!) mostly cos i dont wanna eat more fruit or yoghurt.....so she is going to bring in recipes from some snack suggestions next week :) Who wants to bet how many sessions before she is telling me to cut out the diet coke? lol

Ive never had a first session with a food coach before and felt it has gone so good. I am going to pretty much do what I did when I started training with Fiona. When it comes to nutrition I will put complete faith and trust in her (cos it appears she knows what she is talking about!)....if she suggests something I will try it....I of course will still count calories....but anything else she suggests I will do....even if it means giving up the diet coke...this feels like such a good thing for me. Ive chatted with Fiona a lot about "superfoods" for close to a year, and always planned once at goal to incorporate more "superfoods" into my diet....and I am excited that nutrition wise this is someone who appears she will understand my body and all the craziness it does!


McPherson Clan said...

oh Kaz sounds good. I think I will give the grapefruit in warm water a go. Sounds like a plan to me as a fellow PCOS sufferer Im keen to try anything to balance out hormones and help me move along with my weight loss. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing you in Thats life

Martine (email: mdally@internode.on.net) said...

Sounds great Kazz, great to hear that she is so knowledgeable, I am keen to hear about it all. Martine x