Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy, busy days :)

Gawd what a freaking day! Busy, busy at work!! Got home at 4pm....Thats Life rang me to interview me for the much thinking! They asked lots of questions on what my thoughts/feelings were at different stages of the last 5 years and I really had to think about it all! They are writing the story tomorrow then will call me to read the story over the phone. The photo session is tomorrow. So after the interview had to do a quick whip around the house to tidy up...then went and bought a yiros for dinner....put a colour thru my hair...mopped the floors...made my green drink so its ready for tomorrow morning (strawberries, banana and rocket for me tomorrow morning!) then going thru my wardrobe working out what clothes to wear. They are taking the photos with me in two sets of is jeans and a colourful top...the other is a dress....A girl is coming at 9am tomorrow to do make up and my hair and then the photographer will be here by 9.30am. I have told them I need to be leaving for the gym by midday so fingers crossed they dont run late. I am keen to see what they do with my hair....maybe I will have nice straightened hair for a few days lol

So i didnt gym it tonight....i just didnt have time with getting organised for this....i may actually go to PT tomorrow for a bloomin rest!! lol


Today was the photoshoot. I coloured my hair last nite so it was a darker colour altho I have noticed you can still see some of the blonde at the back a month or so I will go get a chocolate brown put thru as a permanant colour. They curled it using a straightener and then made me up (lil bit too much lipstick for my liking!!) Then was a couple of hours of freezing in the cold (wearing summer dresses on a windy day is not fun!) It was a lot of "look out towards the street...look at smile nervous.." lol Anyway hopefully they got some nice shots for the doubt knowing me i wont be happy with them lol...i know what im like....and no matter what pic i take im never truly happy.

Today was a double session of PT ..... lots of ab stuff and ball work .... my favourite *insert sarcastic tone!*

I have been thinking lots about the direction to take getting to goal. After my session with my new food coach on tuesday where she did comment "i dont do this by calories" i have decided to take the approach of "eating for health" not "eating for weight loss" as i said recently i am going to put complete trust in her and see what happens....bottom line the scales arent moving heaps at the moment ..... and if this doesnt work i can always go back to counting calories. I went and bought Chia Seeds today for my breakfast drink...OMG they are expensive....$18.99 for 500 grams....ill be having a tablespoon each morning so not sure how long they will last for! I am worried by changing my thinking to "eating for health" i will somehow give up....but im hoping im at a point where I am strong enough to keep going. So much changing at the moment, and where as I have had a very set routine with lots of its all changing a lil so am worried a lil about what will happen in the future. I am positive I will do the gyms bootcamp which will hopefully help (it starts mid november)

Tomorrow night I am going to do body pump after work then go to Lorna Jane....and just maybe spend some cash!

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