Friday, September 30, 2011

More good news!! :)

Well today started off caught in the rain then my breakfast drink i made too thick and was completely undrinkable :( Work was having a "footy day" today...meat pie and 2 small cinnamon donuts for lunch....ooops! I will be glad to see my food coach on tuesday and get some direction in where im going with this whole nutrition stuff. After work I went to the gym and did body pump. I havent done pump for ages, I really have to get my act together and aim to do pump at least once a week...all those squats and lunges were a killer...Of course all my weights I was doing were pathetic too cos it was so class 2 other clients came up to me and commented how everytime they see me my body shape is changing :) and then the instructor even commented I had lost more weight...unfortunately I had to tell her no I havent....but obviously even tho the scales havent moved much lately the shape is changing....which funnily enough when i was getting ready for the class tonite when I looked in the mirror i actually thought I looked okay...admittedly i was wearing a black t shirt and black full length leggings which of course have that visual effect of slimming.

I then went to Lorna Janes, love, love that store! I walked in told them I want some tight fitting tops that are not low cut and dont show off the boobage when I am in a pushup position they selected a pile of tops....and I found some stretchy singlets with a real cute back....liked them so much I bought them in 3 colours! (pink, grey and yellow) Im gonna go back next week and get a purple one cute....AND when she was selecting the tops the girl is like....a large would be too big for you hehehe :) So size mediums it was for me...I would have liked them slightly longer to cover more of my tummy but so be it. The problem has been that i rarely wear fitted tops to the gym, they are mostly loose fitting and fall off my shoulders....when i go in a plank position or lay over a fit ball i am fart assing around adjusting them wasting that problem will mostly be erradicated (altho im sure i will be pulling them down over the tummy! lol) I tell you the money that Thats Life! magazine will pay me im tempted to go on the hugest spending spree at Lorna Janes with! LOL

Today I also got a phone call that Fernwood wants to put my story in their magazine which goes to all clubs (ive been in my clubs email newsletter but this is the actual magazine) I am on a media gag till the Thats Life! magazine comes out on 12th the manager of the gym wants to talk to me next week about I will tell her I am happy to do it....but cannot doing any of it till after then :) Exciting stuff!!! Seriously who woulda thought when I stepped on those scales at that weight watchers meeting when i was 170.9 kilos....that all this good stuff would be a result of my hard work !!!! :)

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Bec's Adventure said...

Without being weird I would love to give you a big hug. This hug would be one to show you how proud a random stranger is of you and two - to thank you for your inspiration and your never give up attitude. What you are doing for yourself is so meaningful to me and I just want to thank you and tell you how awesome you are and I hope you are so proud of you!! Bec