Saturday, October 01, 2011

DISASTROUS eating day...."not counting calories" got into my head too the fact they had pies, sausage rolls, chips, lollies donuts out at work didnt help!! But have decided tomorrow going to go back to 1400 calories. Tuesday when I see my new food coach i am going to listen to what she far she has said 3 things....have freshly squeezed grapefruit in a glass of water each morning...tick I have been doing that! Eat brocollini 3 times a week....i bought it but havent eaten it yet! LOL Tomorrow nite scotch fillet with brocolini and asparagus for dinner. The third thing has been a tablespoon of chia seeds at breakfast...been doing this too. So I am going to keep counting calories...listen to what the food coach says and incorporate it in my current eating plan.

Things are just changing at the moment....Fiona is leaving the gym...which means on the exercise front things are different....hopefully I will do a bootcamp with the gym in mid november. Plus in my mind my nutrition is over the place at the the scales havent moved for several months. Where as I had a very structured plan...that plan isnt quite what it once was....change doesnt have to be negative but I have to get my head around it....and I dont think I can suddenly get around it....its going to be seeing how things work over the next month or so and things will hopefully go to plan and I will simply settle into a new routine and be productive in moving closer towards my goals.

In line with that I need to be very focussed not only on my nutrition but committing to the gym and attending. This week is a hard week cos of my work hours and because the gym is close on my plan is:

m - gym closed
t - body balance + 1 hour PT + jog up 21 flights of stairs
w - sh'bam + jog up 21 flights of stairs
t - body balance + jog up 21 flights of stairs
f - maybe run 1.5km...jog up 21 flights of stairs + 20 mins intervals on the cross trainer or kettle bell routine I did with fiona a few weeks ago.

The 3 days I am attending the gym I will jog up 21 flights of stairs too. I need to work out what to do at the gym on the days i cant make a class. Especially as the 3 classes I can make this week...while I love body balance and love to do it at least once a week....they arent cardio and there is no resistance work in there. I realise its only one week out of 5 and this time its a bit different cos of the public holiday. Normally i would be able to do body jam and possibly boxing on the monday night....and wednesday could do boxing and freestyle cycle,,,,,but with the way they did my roster this week its a bit different.

Anyway thats enuff....enjoy ur weekend all :)

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