Sunday, October 02, 2011

Today was a much better day foodwise! Not perfect but much better and under 1400 calories. I jumped on the scales tonite....eek!!! My body gains like its nobodys business altho i realise most is prolly sodium gain. I am really going to focus on getting under 83 kilos by the end of the reality I prolly wont reach it but I wanna be really focused and have that as my goal. Ive been keeping a food diary this week....interesting when I view my over several days side by side....I really eat a lot of the same foods! Not much variety at all. And to be honest it doesnt feel like I eat a ill be interesting to see what the food coach says on tuesday. Maybe this lil splurge will ultimately do me good as it will get me refocussed I suspect. Ive decided for the moment not to cycle the calories. I have dropped them down to 1400 calories....but being on such a smaller amount of calories if I was to calorie cycle I would prolly have to have 2-3 calories at only 1200 and with my exercise I feel thats too lil.

Its amazing to think how easy I can fall into my old habits....5 years and I still can revert back to my old patterns without even thinking about it. I did initially think when I got to goal I wouldnt do weigh ins anymore....but i think even when at goal maybe for a year or so (maybe longer!) ill need to weigh in at least monthly. Just so damn scary how easily I fall back into the patterns....but I guess 5 years of this healthy lifestyle doesnt compare to 25 years or so of my old ways.

Tomorrow I am sleeping in YAY!!! Cannot wait. Tuesday altho its a day off I am planning to be up at 6am to do body balance before PT (my last session with Fiona before she finishes up at the gym!) and tuesday afternoon I have a appointment to chat to the manager at the gym and then my food coach....cannot remember if I mentioned it or not but I had a call on friday saying they want to get my story in the gyms (Fernwoods) thats what I am seeing the manager about. I am guessing on tuesday Thats Life will call me too, to read the story they wrote. Will be interesting to hear.

Ive been watching Lip Service (UK Lesbian "soap/drama" series)....its been sooooooooooooo good.....only 6 episodes in the first episode...Ive watched the first 5....just downloading number 6....cannot wait to watch it....its been beyond good!!! Then once I watch that I am gonna watch episode 2 of series 12 of US biggest loser :) So a nice relaxing evening!

I think I better get some exercise in tomorrow....not sure what....prolly a walk not much I can do without the gym (ok thats prolly a excuse...but yeh lol) I am so much better with structured exercise!

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