Friday, September 09, 2011

A good day :)

Today has been a real good day. I slept much better last night and today I went to lunch to meet Tina and Martine. It really was just what I needed. This week has been emotionally stressful (some stuff going on, anniversary of my dads death etc) and being the girl who does have a tendancy to get depression (altho that has been under control for the last few years) but I still have that tendancy when I get stressed to go and hide. This week I have spent several days laying on my bed hiding from the world. So getting out today socialising and being able to bounce some stuff of the girls was really helpful. My house is now a bit disorganised cos I have been lazy all week and the washing has got behind. So I need to get my butt into gear. I wore all clothes I hadnt wore size 16 jeans, my size XL colorado top (which is getting a lil loose across my bust and shoulders already) and my size 12 denim jacket. As of this morning I am only 6.6 kilos of the top of the healthy weight range....but even once there I wanna lose another 5-9 kilos depending how many body looks and how hard it is to get losses at that point. Once I am there tho, I will still have maintenance and I will still be working at toning up and building some muscle....getting to goal is certainly not the end of the journey for me. After being so slack this week...I really need to get back into the running....I did so good with the running for a week or two....and then got stressed and back to it all tomorrow. Today for lunch I had Teriyaki chicken and rice omggggggggggggggggggggg its so long since i have had chinese. I usually avoid it like the plague because its so high in sodium. But i had a small serve and at least if the scales go up over the next few days I will know why. So tomorrow I have the gym....PT...some cardio (stairs and running) and then body balance. Saturdays cos I do such a big workout at the gym I am usually lazy in the afternoon, Sunday will be getting the house organised and washing caught up. And then unbelievably it will be my last week of holidays! Unbelievable to think its been 3 1/2 months but I am not perturbed to go I am hoping to be successful in time to get a new position...Im kinda hopeful for some positiveness with work in the future :) I of course miss some of the will be good to see some of them! Its going to be interesting to see what kind of reaction I get too....I am about 9 kilos less then when I was last at work (I would have liked to lose more then this but I am happy with where I am at) but I know I look much smaller....a kilo loss makes a much bigger difference these days then it did when i weighed 170 kilos.

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McPherson Clan said...

Glad your lunch date made you feel better. I have had one of those weeks here also. With a sick bub I have had no gym time at all and am really feeling like a sloth. Keep going you are an awesome inspiration to many xx