Saturday, September 10, 2011

Things are good today. The last few days the scales have been between 83.6 and 83.8 kilos. Yesterday when i went to lunch i had teriyaki chicken and fried rice....something i normally avoid cos of the sodium, but I ate it and figured i might fluctuate up by maybe a kilo, so was very wrapped that I was still 83.8 kilos this morning :) I then went into town this morning...stopped in at just jeans saw the nicest maxi dress and a lil cross over cardigan....might actually have to get unlike me! lol Then went to the gym, ran up 7 flights of stairs, I noticed while my legs still kill and feel heavy as crap when doing them but my breathing feels much better. I then ran up 5 lots of 15 steps. Then off for PT, did 90 kilos single leg on the leg press, 30 kilos with one arm on the lat pull down machine and 70 pounds on the chest press one armed in a tricep pushup type action phew!!! I then did a short run (only 6 minutes) then walked for 40 minutes on the treadmill followed by 60 minute body balance class. It was a new release....I really enjoyed it except the leg strength track...I found that really hard on my right ankle. This afternoon I have been completely lazy! lol Been watching supersize versus that series. Weigh ins are changing to Mondays as thats a bit Amy is only doing food coaching on mondays from now weigh in results will be monday from now on. I also booked in for a hair appointment next friday, I did contemplate a shorter do.....but will keep it as is. And so will just be a trim and the blonde streaks redone :)

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Chris H said...

Wow you are doing well with the exercise.. reminds me of when I was lighter and fitter. *sigh*
Must pull me finger out sometime soon!
Have a good sunday Chick.