Friday, September 02, 2011

Another good day :)

Today has been another good day (thats getting really boring me saying that all the time! lol) Went to the gym...ran up 7 flights of stairs...then ran up and down the 15 steps 20 times then went to the treadmill...wanted to know for sure that yesterday wasnt a fluke...that i could do the 1.5km run even when fiona wasnt there and also wanted to see if i could do it slightly faster. So yesterday i did it at 6.8 today i started at a speed of 7.0....i figured if it got too much i could just take it back to 6.8 but tada! I did it all at a speed of 7.0 and it took me 13 mins and 1 second. Then i did PT....and yes fiona did climb on a boxing bag while i dragged the thing the length of the room. Also did some crazy (read insane) fit ball work....was a good session :)

Afterwards went and got the eyebrows waxed .... they were wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue lol. I then went to the health food shop...ive been doing lots of reading and watching of documentaries on raw foods and "superfoods" i bought spirulina which alkalines your body and is also good for your immune and energy....i also bought maca...which is suppose to be really good for your hair and skin....and there is some belief it helps with excess skin....i dont really expect a difference with the excess skin but its worth a shot...and at the very least i should end up with awesome skin and hair lol

I then went op shopping....i bought 4 pairs of size 16 target jeans...ALL fit me....2 long is a black cue one...size 14....doesnt fit yet but will before long....i also bought a number of is a size 10 and it fits me!! So very very good day all round!

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