Saturday, September 03, 2011

Backbend babeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Woke up pretty early today (at least for me whilst on holidays!) was up at 8am...and at the gym not long after 10am. I ran for 5 minutes (squeezed it in) and ran between 7.2 and 7.5. And despite my triceps being sore :( (yes poor poor me! hehe) i did body pump and body balance. I was super impressed in body balance that i again didnt lose my balance when doing "the dancer" pose with my right foot...and I also managed to sit on my heels...this is a huge thing for me...havent been able to do it...and then roll up to stand up....i tried doing them again when i got home but couldnt do it then so obviously at least at this stage its only something i can do when my muscles are warmed up. Then at home i tried to do a backbend (its something thats in the current body balance release but i havent been able to do it....admittedly after one dismal attempt in class i havent tried in the class) but i did try at home this afternoon...and managed it....i didnt stay up long as was a bit painful on the wrist...but still pretty impressed i did it...heres a pic!

Obviously ignore my fat gut and ass lol but still pretty impressed by that.

After the scales have gone up by 600 grams the last 3 they stayed the same...would love to knock that 600 grams off by tuesday so i can manage a stay the same this week....but even if it turns out to not be a great week on the scales this has been a pretty awesome week fitness wise.

I finally located my heart rate monitor today...wore it for pump and balance...burnt 730 calories...and now the battery has gone flat! LOL So will have to go to the battery bar before the gym on monday.

Apparantly on monday the email going out to all the gym members with the lil bit about me is going will be good to see that...and i off course will post a copy of it here :) Hope everyone is having a fab weekend :)

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