Thursday, September 01, 2011

Maybe I could be a runner...

So everyone who has read my journal most likely knows running has always been a goal. I have tried numerous times over the last few years to build up intervals...but the most i ever did was 3 minute intervals (and then DIED lol) anyway on monday i did a couple of 5 minute running intervals which i was super impressed with....and i thought ill just keep doing 5 minute intervals for the rest of the week LOL Well i go to PT today...fiona comes over and is like your running 10 minutes today. I was thinking....i cant do that....and was expecting to get that DYING feeling i used to get when running 3 minutes. But you know...fiona tells me to do something...i do it off i go....i start running not believing for a second i will make it to 10 minutes. Well lo and freaking behold...i hit 10 minutes....fiona is like...lets go to 11 i do....then she goes....well you might as well do 12 minutes so we can round it off i look at the distance...was about 1.3kms and im like well i mite as well go to 1.5kms LOL I couldnt believe i did it (really i ran about 1.45km as the first 45 seconds i walked) and the surprising thing was i could have gone longer. Admittedly i still go at a slow pace...only 6.8 so i will now work on ramping the speed up...but wow i cannot tell you how accomplished i felt....i did not realise when i woke this morning this would be happening!!! hehe Im also surprised at how well i coped with it! I mean it wasnt a walk in the park but it far from killed me...really shows me this running this really is doable. And im mega impressed with how much my cardio fitness has improved....i kinda love the stairs for how they have helped with that!! lol

Nothing else of real excitement going on...but had to share my news :)

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Chris H said...

Well done!
I could NEVER run even for 1 minute!
Terrible eh?

Have a great weekend Chick.