Saturday, December 16, 2006

Well 3 days to go till next weigh in...i really havent focussed on it as much this week. My friend emmy messaged me on msn yesterday and was saying i hope you make the 20 kilos this week and as i said to her....right at the moment i just want a loss...but i do feel a lil confident of meeting it too.

I have realised while i have lost a lot of weight from my face and and upper body...i havent lose as much as i would have liked from my hips, stomach and upper legs, which makes me realise clothing size wise i was probably a lot bigger size then i realise (i suspect 2 kilos now) and what im finding is that tops that fit me around my hips and hugeeeee around my boobs ugh !!!! Which is a pain. I bought this pretty a line top...fitted me on the hips but was huge up top and cos it was sleeveless and the arm holes relatively big when i wear it anyone standing side on could see directly inder the top and see my bra n stuff lol so thats not a good back to target that goes.I also bought 2 pairs of 3/4 jeans...neither fit me and i got 2 different sizes so the bigger size ill keep but the smaller size i will return...damn pain in the butt. I suspect by the time i lose another 10-15 kilos things may be better. So im not gonna worry about new clothes at the moment....i will get by with what i have and then right before i go to the gold coast (in march) i will then buy a few new outfits.

im working today...started at 8am and am sleepy. Cos i am acting team leader these 4 days the staff have to call me if any are sick, a hour befor their shift. So someone who started at 7.30am today called in my damn mobile was beeping away at 6.30am !!! so the last hour or so of my sleep was disrupted.

But another 90 minutes i will be off home for a nice relaxing evening, and tomorrow i dont start till 9.30am which is a much more civilised time to be starting.

i worked on my resume today. There is a part of me that thinks i should look out for other jobs. i dont think this job as it is now will exist forever...and in one sense i think i should try and get another job before i get much older...but another part of me way till you reach your long service leave (which is in may 2008) and then another part of me says wait till your all slim n trim and then try. Which im sure id have more luck getting a good job when slim. That or look for a job with my current company. i really have found i like working day the temptation to find a 9-5 job is really there.

okies not much else to say...have a good weekend all !

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