Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Well...i think this gonna kick ass. I have been spot on since monday...and havent eaten anything but fruit after dinner (infact last nite had dinner at 7.30pm and didnt eat a thing after it!) i soooooooooooo want to reach 20 kilos this week which i fully expect and i guess in the back of my mind i know if i lose 1.8 kilos i would be under 150 kilos to which is in the back of my mind. Not that i really expect to reach under 150 kilos this week...that will prolly be the week after but would be so nice to reach both of these goals by christmas day. Tonite i am cooking chicken cordon bleu from the butchers with birds eyes oven fries (which are only 2 points for 100 grams) Ive eaten light today so i could have this treat. I love cordon bleu.

Did the kids xmas shopping on the weekend. I keep checking my nieces bratz gurl doll out i bought her lol shes a trendy little thing...and its a princess one - of course ! she has blonde hair which is kinda multiple tones lol reminds me a lil of my hair hahahahahha

Its amazing how this week i seem sooooooooo much more motivated. i think it has a lot to do with my shift at work. i love walking out of work with the sun still out n shining as its been lately. Today i finish in 40 minutes at 5.30pm but tomorrow i finish at 3.30pm ! Will be very nice. I can go home do some stuff at home and then head up to the shops at dinner time so i can have my normal "grocery shopping treat" which is a yiros yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Okies nearly time to heard home....have a good night everyone !!!!

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