Saturday, December 09, 2006

wow not even 9am and i have been up for over 3 hours !!!! who would ever have thought it ! lol it was so warm here last room was kinda warm too...anyway woke up before up went on line for a bit and had my breakfast, and now at a minute to 9am the second load of washing is on....dishes are in the sink running ar0und with a honey mask on my face lol...and the kitchen tidy cleaned think i may be getting TOO used to these day shifts? lol i must admit it feels good to be getting so many things done so early in the day. The puter is going to my friend Daves place in the next week or two (possibly tuesday) its been over heating a lot so i suspect the fans have dust on them...same thing happened last year so ill get him to clean them out and do a reformat for me...(gotta love having friends who are computer geeks !) and he said he will get it all done in one night and i told him i will get him a 6pak of beer for doing it for me. So the more i think about it the more i will try and get it done tuesday night. Hopefully i get to play some gammon rarely online when the gammon games are lately...but day off today so hopefully be a few games today and seeing its 41 today no way in hell im going outside

Okies have a good saturday all !

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