Thursday, May 31, 2012


I havent been well today...came down with a sore throat yesterday afternoon which i initially thought was just allergies but by late last nite i had the sorest throat (razor blades in my throat pretty much describes it...and sneezing felt like the blades were ripping my throat :() I was up most of last nite getting very lil sleep, drinking lemsip. It does seem to be improving already (thankfully) its nice being so healthy that you can recover things much quicker ;)

It has had me thinking a lot today, about two is i need to eat cleaner. My eating isnt coming under calories but its not perfect. The running is going so good....the next step i think is to build up my endurance so i can train the day before. I think part of the equation to do that is really fuelling my body i need to increase the protein...cut out the crappy more things like nuts, and fruit and vegies and cut back on the carbs at night. Its not about weight loss i just need to think about fueling my body better if i am really going to keep this running thing going and get the best out of it. I really wanna get back to exercising monday and friday nights..(at the moment im not cos the next day i am running) Im not really sure HOW i increase the endurance apart from keep running and improving and i guess then slowly bringing the exercise in. I also want to get into juicing more (need to buy a juicer for that) and also get back into my vegetable smoothies more.

Im off work another day of rest....hopefully by saturday ill be better and can do some exercise. Lots of good foods into me :)

PS anyone got any great, simple yummy clean meals feel free to pass them on to me :)


an opportunity for personal growth". said...

my sore throat tuned into the flu, hope your feeling better soon, and I love your blog xx

20 to go! said...

Yep! Proactive is the key! For sure! My proactive button is on the blink at the moment!