Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Well i really wanted to post last night but i was too damn tired too be arsed! Yesterday was a HUGE day :) After work i went and met fiona for training...planning to run 3kms...we get to the 3km mark...and we decide to go further...and we just kept running...and running hehe ;) ended up runing 6.43kms! (actually prolly over 6.5kms cos when i map it i trace the outline of the river we follow which doesnt take into account the paths away from the river) Sooooooooooo i ran non stop for 53 minutes and 53 seconds....and yes i know its not breaking any ground breaking pace....but to be perfectly honest - i dont care! My initial goal was really just to be able to run 45 mins to a hour 2-3 times per week, which is obviously now doable. I highly doubt i would have done it without fiona tho...i know im slow...i know people over take me...and if i ran by myself im sure i would have said "screw this" by now. We were talking (yes talking and running at the same time!) about how much i struggled the first time i tried to run 2 kilometres....amazing the difference. Leg wise my legs are fine and didnt feel tired...and my breathing has improved so much...and might i add while running my nose was also pretty damn well impressed! Now to keep it up and keep improving :) When i started training with fiona initially there was only a couple of do group fitness classes, to be able to do a full pushup (still cant do that) and to be able to run...i think i can say "im a runner" now :)

Afterwards we went for dinner with Sarah to a Thai place....which was delicious....i did go up a kilo overnight which i am guessing is sodium from the meal...cant say i am too concerned :)

My ankle is a lil tender taking it easy today...tomorrow night i have PT and then will do a body balance class and will prolly walk on the treadmill before hand (maybe ill run a lil bit too hehe - just dont wanna tire myself out before the PT session)

Anyway thats all my exciting all rather huge...i mean run 6.5 kilometres/ran 53 minutes....thats just like CRAZY talk! :)

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Georgia said...

Congratulations - that's a seriously good effort! You must feel like a million bucks! :)