Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday :)

Great day yesterday! I trained with Fiona in the morning...we did another 3km run..did it in 23 mins 51 seconds this time...the first time we did it (and this was only our 3rd 3 kilometre run) it took us 27 minutes 45 a really good improvement - go us :) The runs are definitely becoming more breathing is definitely more comfortable and the run itself is more doable...i wont say its easier....but it certainly seems more doable....not working out the day before definitely seems to be helping too :) After training with fiona i then went to the gym and did body pump and body balance...i burnt 1697 calories with exercise yesterday....woot! I then went clothes shopping and bought a real cute top...its all autumn colours...and think i might buys some brown pants and boots to go with it.

Anyway then went out last nite for was for a friends birthday who whilst is on my facebook i havent seen for a few years. She was impressed with my weight loss :) it was a good nite...dinner wise i had a chicken burger and chips (eep!) and a slice of chocolate....but i certainly had enough calories to survive that....and funnily enough...even tho it was a high sodium meal i woke up exactly the same weight today as i was yesterday :) YAY :) Anyway i wore out my new top with black jeans...i think it would have looked much better in some tan jeans...i feel a visit to jeanswest in my not too distant future! LOL

I am feeling much better about things overall...i hope this continues (i think while i avoid the diet coke it should) it is still weird tho exercising only 4 days a week...that whole guilt thing comes into play and i think oh i should be exercising. Even tho I realise with time hopefully my endurance will improve enough so that i can end up doing at least light workouts the day before the runs. But since the running is the focus at the moment (and it does burn so many calories...we run for approx 20 minutes...then do intervals for the rest of the hour and i am burning close to 700 calories a hour which at my weight is pretty damn awesome!)

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20 to go! said...

How nice is it even THINKING about shopping for tan jeans at Jeanswest? OMG! Happiness!