Friday, March 09, 2007

Well gawd what a day - i woke got dressed and thought to myself i look slimmer ! Went and weighed in --- AND GAINED !!! Talk about a rollercoaster...i put on 800 grams...the leader then said is there anything she can help with...i explained im doing weights etc...and her answer was cut back on the weights - do very little of em...which i KNOW is not the answer. I walked out peeved...not only at the gain (i think i am officially on a plateau) but at the leaders stooopid comment. I then went to katies...walked in planning to look for a new top or two...and they were having a sale ! So shopping i went...i bought a beautiful red zip up cardigan, tshirt, necklace, white pants, long sleeve pink top, another blouse and a tank top --- all for $160 !!! And heres the best news...all size 22's. The cardigan i picked up was size XL ... i decided to try on jsut a L (which i think in katies world is a size 20-22) and it fit --- so even tho i gained im wearing the smallest size i have for ages ! So i am going to look at the big picture...tomorrow i am going to buy new scales...part of me is tempted to just do ww online .... i pay for etools anyway...and this leaders comments really turned me off that meetings...okies well its time for work...just todays shift and i am on a actual weekend ! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh btw i bought the biggest loser book looks really good...and also bought the book my friend lawrence which is the follow up to a million pieces =]

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Anonymous said...

Wow, when I read the part about doing less weights, I was thinking to myself, I hope she does not listen!
You are making such progress, you should be proud of yourself! :)