Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well...decision time lol...ive decided to only do ww online. As i said i pay for etools...and i struggle to attend every meeting cos of my work roster...i bought biggest loser scales today (for fat and body weight) also bought a biggest loser pedometer and for a lazy day and only wearing it this afternoon ive done 2834 steps by 8.20pm wo0ot I just sat down after doing 250 steps on the stepper yay me !!! and 100 arm punches and im planning to repeat it before bed. Ive decided if i have two gains in a row ill go back to the ww meetings...i also have my curves weigh anyways thats the plan =] Okies got a new photo...i honestly think i can see the difference even from the photos from a few weeks even tho i have really plateaued the exercising i feel is making the difference !

oh and tania dont read this lol butttttttttttt yay laura !!!!!


Tania said...

Uh oh - I read it - and i've only seen up to last Thursday, have to get my act together and catch up!

And yes can definitely notice a difference with your pic - you're doing great, keep up the good work!

Oh and I agree completely with your decision to leave meetings - imagine a leader telling you to stop what we all know is a crucial part of toning the body while losing weight?

Trisca.. said...

Hey Kazz - there is a big difference between this photo and the last one! Wow.. :-) The exercise is really working for you! Keep it up.. you are doing great and I love hearing how you're doing all the extra bits and pieces - they make a big difference at the end of the day.

Look forward to your next update..

Trisca.. xo

mooshsilk said...

Wow look at you in your new cardi!!! You look so different Kazz keep up the great work!

Luv Claudia xo