Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Okies...first off a big thank you for all the feedback after i posted the photo - its always nice to know the changes i see arent just my imagination.

I went to the docs the other day cos ive been getting a lot of heel pain and he told me i have planteritis (which i had about 10 years ago and ended up having to wear things that went in my shoes) anyway today its real sore...i was planning to go to curves but i think i will wait till i get home and then decide...if not i will do the walk away the pounds dvd...at least that way i have cushioning via the carpet for my heel. I also managed to do 300 steps on the stepper last nite !!! hehe very impressed...would be very cool if i can reach 500. And the good thing is i really feel it in my upper legs (aches in fact) but thats good cos i really need to see some changes in my legs.

I got more leave approved yesterday...so after friday i go into the land of real relaxation !!! next week i only work monday...thursday...& the weekend. Then i started a bulk amount of leave from the 26th thru till the 5th april. Every day xcept sunday im planning to go to the gym.

Well not a real lot else to say ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my sis emailed me...xmas time we are going boogy boarding when i visit hehe

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