Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well i posted on the ww forum last nite about my plateau and what i should be doing exercise wise. Everyone seemed to say dont do weights more then twice a week and increase the cardio. So thats the plan. Ill go to curves 1-2 times per week and ill buy a few dvds to get the cardio for me to do at home. I did the one mile walk away the pounds dvd today...and after biggest loser tonite ill do my 300 steps on the stepper. I have had a sneak peek at the scales and after peeing out most of the murray river LOL i look like i will have a loss. I wasnt shocked i must admit...i ran to the toilet so many times today so i was pretty sure after TOM im getting rid of fluid. When i did the walk away the pounds dvd i didnt have the fit strip thing so i used 2 cans of soup instead and boy feeling it in my upper arms and omg that workout kills my upper legs and hips. But i think i will buy some of jillian michaels dvds i saw on ebay she has a hip hop dance one lol

Okies time for din din...hugssss all !!!

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