Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well i weight in today. Good news. When i got these scales last weekend...on saturday...i weighed in at 150.6 this morning when i weighed in i was 148.9 !!!! wooo hoooo thats 1.6 kilos! So i am very happy...i went to curves once this week and did my walk away the pounds dvd, my stepper and danced around like a idiot in the lounge room once night lol so what people were saying about more cardio seems to make sense =]

The jeans i just started wearing especially around the waist are getting looser ... so thats good news too. I feel really good...i feel like im on a right path again and hopefully next week ill match with another loss...even if its not a big long as its a loss !

Tonight im planning to do the 1 mile walk and 300 steps on the stepper. I like that dvd as i really feel it working my legs & hips. And i really need to lose there specially my upper thighs. So anyways thats all my news !


Hippygal said...

Whoohoo another great loss - go girl. You are doing fantastic. BTW sorry for not leaving comments but am reading daily :).

Tania said...

Wow Kazz, you're so focussed, keep up the great work! I'd love to know more about that DVD - i've so got to get refocussed myself and with winter not far away I really need to look for exercise options at home!

mooshsilk said...

You GO GIRL!!!

Claudia xo