Sunday, March 18, 2007

Well omg monday tomorrow again already, but lucky me..i only work tomorrow and another two days off...i was gonna go in and do some overtime today but at the last minute cancelled it...have a bit of a headache. Well things are going on the scales this morning and i have a real good loss headed this way this week too =] soon as i finish this post im gonna do 300 steps on the stepper...then after dinner and watching biggest loser im gonna try the 2 mile walk...havent done that one yet so should be interesting...tania ill tell you about that dvd when i see u next !

Omg had a shower last nite...and remembered at xmas time how i bought some pj's from katies...really cute paisley pattern with a plain pink top with aqua lace on the pant legs and top and they finally fit meeeeeeeeeeeee !!! omg how exciting. And the other thing is i measured my waist a week ago and again this weekend....its gone down 2 cm in a week. Tonite im having my yumm cheesy tuna pasta for dinner then ive got one of ww's new mocha desserts so yummm. Mum bought me some fitness thing at a garage sale for $5 not really sure what it is she said something about weights and a mat and a will prolly get it off her next week hopefully its something i can put to use i tell u im starting to get my own lil gym here...i saw biggest loser has a ball you sit on with elesticised arm thingys...gawd i didnt explain that well...but im thinking of getting it actually has a good rang of home exercise stuff

Okies off to the stepper i go !

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