Monday, March 19, 2007

Well was a lil on the slack side last nite...i did 150 steps on the stepper and half of the 2 mile walk - made it to 1 mile! Its a lot brisker then the 1 mile walk by itself i was sweating. Also when watching biggest loser they were doing jumps forward from a standing position...i did them up and down my hall lol they kill...and puff ya but i mite continue to try and do them. I am heading for a good loss this week...i wont say how much but let me saying...hitting a loss of 25 coming closer and closer...this cardio is really paying off =]

I have the next 2 days off...i didnt wake till 8.30am this morning and i was STILL tired LOL..but next 2 nites i will sleep in.

I watched that movie murdr in the outback last nite...i read her book recently and they really screwed with the story. They made her out to be a bitch but if u had read her book u would understand where she was coming was disappointed. Then fell asleep whilst my best friends wedding was on...dayam i love that movie !

Okies we are busy today and work calls - later all !


Annie said...

Hiya... I've been reading through your entries and I wanted to say hi, unlurk myself and congratulate you on your progress. I've added your blog to my links if that's OK. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

yay! good work babe!you are on fire!