Monday, March 05, 2007

Well a day off how niceeeeeeeeeee !!! Went to the gym this morning and worked out hard...i think im getting some of my fitness back since i had the time off cos of my shoulder...hoping to go to bed early i can go in the morning as well. My upper arms and thighs are aching today so i musta worked out good !

All the lounge room and bedroom are all clean. Just gotta move one chair out of the lounge room and the carpets getting cleaned on saturday. At the moment the dining room is all cluttered driving me a bit nuts actually will be good once the carpets are cleaned on saturday to put everything back in its place.

4 days and then i get a weekend off...weeee yay. Didnt realise next monday is a public holiday and i was planning to go to ww meeting that ill have to figure something else

I hope gerard goes tonite...i think laura is going good...and well gerard is a pain in the ass,,,,altho i woulda preferred to see courtney or munnalita go

Okies time to cook dinner !

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