Friday, March 02, 2007

Wooo hooo great news !!! i am finally under 150 kilos...i lost 500 grams today (making it my 6th loss in a row) and am now down to 149.7 ecstatic. And total loss is now 21.2 kilos...yay me ! okies was just a short post have a good weekend all !


Has anyone used that chat program called second life? has over a million chatters...its like the sims in a chat cool you can make them kiss or sit down and meditate and even if u sit them day their eyes move their hair moves in like the wind and theres all these "worlds" all over the place...its unbelievable. You can dress them in whatever clothes you have for them...whatever jewellery ...change the texture of their way cool id love to learn to do the graphics...being the graphic addict i am...i looked and theres lots of tutorials for it on the net so when i have my week off mite spend a bit of time doing that.

one of the managers asked me how my weight loss is going today and then said "your looking good" so that was really pleasing.

Okies back to work !

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Hippygal said...

Whowooo fantastic news there - am still reading just not leaving tags much :):).