Thursday, March 01, 2007

Well my lease runs out the end of this month, the landlord rang me today to say joy oh joy the rent is going up $10/week and that they will organise a inspection some time this month. I kinda played coy said i will prolly renew but will check out a few things...i want them to think they gotta work a lil for me to be their tenant altho that said they are very good landlords...n leave me in peace.

im only expecting to lose about 200 grams tomorrow and for the first time if i do only lose 200 grams i wont stress. Altho 300 grams so im actually under 150 kilos would be really really nice. But considering i know now i am losing in centimetres im not stressing as much. Ive decided to not post on the ww forum as much...theres a lot of drama there at times...and i find i judge myself too much on how others are doing and i dont think that is really healthy for me as it can mess with my head too much.

Oooooooooooooo theres a biggest loser book...heres a link here!!! Will have to go out and check it on next week.

Not much else going on...ww weigh in tomorrow...curves saturday morning and working over the weekend...until later ... ciao !

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