Friday, March 23, 2007

Well its a good day ! Woke up and weighed....and i lost 1.6 kilos for the week !!!! Which i am wrapped about....amazining 1.4 kilos and im at 25 kilos and 2.4 kilos and im under 145 woooooooooo hoooooo getting there

The other day i remembered when Ang was here she left me one of her t shirts...she was here like 3 1/2 years ago (man time flies !) anyway...i found the tshirt and it fits ! its a good t shirt too lol a ralph lauren LOL (gotta like exs who like designer label clothes lol) its a firm fit...but is quite that was exciting.

Was invited out to the pub after work last nite but declined...partly cos i didnt wanna drink the nite before weigh in plus i was working till 6.30pm and then wanted to do my grocery shopping. So went and did the groceries...i normally always shop at coles...but i went and did it at cost me $214.00 LOL so im wondering if they are cheaper or more expensive lol but they have a good range of food so whatever lol

At this very moment i have a gardener here tidying the it will look all spick n span for the inspection and then i just gotta tidy up inside the nite before and give the outside of the windows a once over.

Well my day off and im gonna go relax a bit before doing my walk away the pounds dvd later today - enjoy ur friday all !

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