Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Well vacation time is pretty damn nice eh? Tomorrow is my inspection of the unit so this afternoon ive been cleaning ... not that i really had that much to do but im the biggest procrastinator going ! But the floors are all washed now...ill just sweep over em and everything is clean ! The lease is all signed and on the kitchen counter ready to give to them....will be nice once they have been here and i know all is okay.

I bought some chicken mince and some light puff pastry so im gonna make some pastries tomorrow with shallots...hopefully they are nice !

I worked out the other day if i maintain a loss of a kilo a week (last 2 weeks been 1.6 kilos) then i should be around 130 kilos when i go to my sisters in july which would be awesome. My 3/4 jeans are really getting looser specially around my waist and stomach.

I bought a new so getting into reading lately...its called love in a torn land and its about a gurl and her hubby who escape iraw after saddam hussein ordered his cousing ali to release chemical starts with her as a 10 year old kid...untill she makes her escape i havent read much so far but seems interesting

Okies off to read my magazine - enjoy all !


Whoever I want to be said...

Hope the inspection went well - am sure it did. And congrats on another great loss this week. BTW I have set up my journal again not weight related though at all will be a bit about everything.

Jaxx (Hippygal)

kazz said...

The inspection went great =] i have updated the link to your site...glad you are doing good jaxx !!! hugssss

CG said...

Hello Kazz
I found your blog by 'chance' and love it. So real, no bull. nice change from the norm.
I am also battling the bulge, and have successfully made it through my first week of dieting. are doing great.