Monday, April 02, 2007

Well i think a entry is well overdue. A entry ive been putting off since friday. Well weighed and gained 1.3 kilos....and i can completely say all my own doing. I was upset friday thought it musta been the scales...not me...took my measurements i had lost 2cm around my waist but still gained 1.3 kilos. I thought back and there were prolly somethings i shouldnt have eaten (light peanut butter is not THAT light lol) Anyway the last few days i had been better and i have lost 200 grams since then so i am gonna use todays weight which is 148.4 kilos. But after giving it lots of thought i started to realise i was getting into vacation mode not only from work but also from weight loss. I talked to mum on the phone and by the time i hung up i had realised in the last couple of weeks i have prolly lost some focus. So its time (yet again) to get serious....whilst on the phone mum told me she picked up a video of yoga...and this week when i go shopping i will pick up one or two more exercise ones (mite have to check out ebay some by jillian would be really good) i also have the walk away the pounds one. Anyway so i hung up the phone came out did 50 steps on the stepper followed by 50 arm punches followed by 15 touch the ground and stretch...followed by 50 steps on the stepper and 50 arm punches and the heart rate was really going, later today i will do the 1 mile walk on the walk away the pounds. I think a big thing is i need variety in the exexercises. Curves bores me at the moment to be honest so while for the moment im still paying im not attending but i really need to be consistent at home. So the plan is :

monday (today) 1 mile walk on the walk away the pounds
tuesday my pilates video + 100 steps on the stepper
wednesday dancing to music for 30 minutes
thursday 1 mile walk with 100 steps on the stepper

im also hoping to buy some innersoles for my shoes this week which should help me with my heel problem...if that does help i will start to incorporate walks in my day. I think i need to start committing plans for exercise and putting them down in my journal (thanks claudia i got that idea from your journal) so i will start doing that and sticking to it...and if i dont someone kick me in the ass i need the occassional kick LOL.

But whilst im being tuff on myself (dont worry im not feeling down or nothing quite the opposite) i realised today i am about to start into the 9th month of this weight loss. Sure id like the weight loss to have been more at this point but i just gotta keep at it...and 8 full months is sure as heck the longest ive stuck to healthy lifestyle...i also need to remember im getting older LOL and my body and metabolism wont be as good as it once was plus the whilst i need to buckle down im still doing pretty good...all considered...okies off to do some laundry need to slowly start preparing for going back to work LOL =]

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